Amanda Wray

University of NC Asheville

CPO 2130

One University Heights

Asheville, NC 28804




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Writing for Professionals Workshop


Writing, like all technology, changes with time. I have taught Writing in the Workplace courses for UNC Asheville staff and Asheville Fire Department employees.

Course content emphasizes:

  • Writing appropriately (for a given audience and situation)

  • Writing effectively (with intent and purpose)

  • Writing correctly (with grammar and style)

  • Visual design basics

  • Inclusive language practices

Professional Consultant:
Inclusive Language Practices


Even though writing and effective communication are integral components to nearly everyone’s job, few employees receive proper training in professional communication and some can unintentionally represent your organization negatively (as biased or not inclusive). I can review your organization's web content (website, reviews, social media), formal letters, marketing materials, memos, instruction / policy manuals, among other things to offer a formal assessment about the rhetorical practices / profile of your organization, offering suggestions and, when necessary, updating existing materials to reflect the global market of the 21st century.