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Folded Greeting Cards

5" x 7" folded greeting cards. Archival images with historical context included. Each order includes an envelope and USPS stamp.

Feminism Is For Everyone

bell hooks, Kentucky born and beloved, shows us that intersectional feminism is for everyone: “As long as women are using class or race power to dominate other women, feminist sisterhood cannot be fully realized.”

Appalachian Feminst (4).png

Ora Rives Postcard Collection

In 1905, amateur photographer Hattie Hill took 43 photographs while on a family camping trip to the Toxaway region of North Carolina. "Toxaway" is anglicized version of Cherokee phrase “ta ha wey” meaning land of the red bird. Fourteen designs are available in the postcard collection, which can be purchased individually, as a five pack, or a complete collection (14 postcards). 4" x 6" postcards can be mailed with or without an envelope. Images from the Ora Rives Collection, UNC Asheville.

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